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Easy steps in changing from THTC

1) First decide on your replacement low energy controllable heating, There is no point in changing away from THTC unless your storage heaters are coming out!. Also decide where you are going to put your new heaters.  Putting them in the same position as your old heating is not always the best solution. Look at the room and see if your heater could be better positioned. We, at Elsco Heating are happy to help with this. Often the best position is under the window. We would suggest at this stage you order your heaters as it is better to have the heaters ready for installation before going to stage 2

2) Contact your friendly local electrician and say you are getting your cheap rate meter taken out and need all the cheap rate meter  wiring connected to your standard meter, storage heaters removed and the outlet spurs at the storage heaters changed to 13 amp sockets.

What you are doing  is using the existing wiring to create  standard sockets adjacent to where your storage heaters were, with no major disruption. This gives you the opportunity to  use these new sockets for your new heaters if appropriate, or use them for other purposes if you locate your heaters elsewhere. All our German fireclay heaters come with standard 13 amp plugs. Our Far Infrared heaters can be run off standard sockets although in some cases the wires may require to be hidden behind the walls for aesthetic reasons. If you have your new heaters available, your electrician can do any installation work required while he is there and it means you do not put yourself in a position where you have no heating.

3) Contact  SSE or Scottish Hydro and say you have had your cheap rate meter disconnected and want to change to a standard tariff.

4) Once you are on your standard tariff and have all your new heaters up and running you can look at changing supplier and tariff. There are many comparison websites around to check your best deal. We prefer the Cheap energy club, part of money saving expert. Its free and if you register they keep you up to date on any better deals that may come up and give you the option of changing again should you so wish. Click on button below for more info.

5) That's it job done!

Cheap Energy Club