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How much Power does your storage heater use?

Storage heater sizes and power consumption are usually determined by the amount of space they are required to heat.

The bigger the space, the bigger the heater, the biggest are usually in the living room, with smaller ones in the kitchen and hall, sometimes bedrooms and a very small one in the bathroom.

The chart below  shows the power requirement for each size of storage heater and an an indicative cost per hour and seven hours based on a  typical cheap rate cost of 10 pence per kilowatt hour unit (your actual rate may vary slightly from this figure)

Above is an indication of daily cost per heater, so your daily cost per house is going to be quite substantial.

The three Key factors to reduce  your heating costs are:-

      1) Efficient conversion of electrical energy to heat

      2) Control over that heat so you only get it when you want and need it

      3) Ensuring you are on the best possible tariff for your needs

Elsco Heating can help you with all of these.

Length (mm)

Power rating

Running cost per hour

Running cost per  seven  hours ( av cost per day)

1021 mm

3.4 Kilowatts



706 mm

2.55 Kilowatts



565 mm

1.70 Kilowatts