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Changing from THTC tariff

If you want to get rid off your storage heaters for more efficient and controllable heating, then it is generally appropriate to change your tariff away from THTC to  a standard single meter tariff. Once this has been achieved you are then in a position to shop around for the best deal, which can result in considerable savings

The cost of THTC varies slightly between different  THTC tariffs and different geographical areas, but generally you might expect to be paying about 18 or 19 pence per unit for your standard electricity and about 8 or 9 pence a unit for your cheap rate. Changing to a standard (one meter) tariff with Scottish & Southern (SSE or Scottish Hydro) you would expect a standard rate of about 14 pence per unit for ALL your electricity supplied.

Once on a standard rate, you are  in a position to shop around for the best deals, which are considerably cheaper than the standard  SSE rate. We are currently paying just over 10 pence per unit for all our Electricity ( Npower), but there are considerably cheaper rates available, we have heard it is possible to get standard  rates below 9 pence per unit!

So there are considerable savings to be made by shopping around to reduce your yearly energy costs, but if changing from THTC we would recommend that you throw your storage heaters out at the same time and replace them with modern thermostatically controlled energy efficient electric heating, such as ours. Lower tariffs plus more efficient heating should lead to considerable savings.

So how hard is changing to a standard tariff and will it cause a lot of disruption? Its very easy and there is minimal disruption   Detailed steps on changing can be found by clicking on the button below.

Did you know that if you are on THTC you will probably be paying over 30% more for your standard electricity than someone on a standard one meter tariff with the same supplier?

How to Change from THTC