Total Heating Total Control THTC

People on Total Heating Total Control,  THTC,  have effectively three electricity supplies :-

 1) The cheap rate supply that  charges your storage heaters,  on at night but also on intermittently during the day giving boosts to your storage heater units , sometimes by timer , but often controlled by a radio signal  Someone ( possibly  based in Perth) decides (theoretically on the basis of the weather) if he should give a boost to the hundreds of thousands of peoples heaters (or not) YOU HAVE NO CONTROL APART FROM THE OFF SWITCH!!

2) The cheap rate supply that controls your panel  heaters, focal point fire in the living room (if you have one, usually found  hard wired),  your hot water and possibly a towel rail in the bathroom

3) The “standard” supply, which is used for lights, television, cooking etc. The only problem is you are not charged a  standard rate. You are charged a premium  over other non storage heater users, in the region  of 20-30% .So it is not really a standard  supply it is a PREMIUM PRICED  electricity supply.

Basically  THTC customers are penalised for having access to cheap rate electricity, this seems to  happen with any dual tariff supply, but  the premium is much higher because you have access to something that other storage heater tariff's  don't have …. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF CHEAP RATE ELECTRICITY!

This  can be  a  valuable benefit, but most people don’t use it!  We have lost count of the number of people that  rarely use the panel heaters in the bedrooms  or don’t use their focal point fire connection in the living room.

Our heaters, in many cases, can be used as an alternative to these heaters which means you don’t only get superb economical heating, but you can often take advantage of your much  less costly power supply.

So if  you use a high  percentage of  your total energy  as cheap rate heating, the surcharge  on your standard tariff is perhaps not too bad, Its a question  of being aware of what you have got available to you  and using it effectively

We can advise you on this as everyone's requirements are different.

Sometimes if people want only one or two of our heaters, then it is worthwhile keeping THTC (to have THTC you should have 60% storage heaters in your house, even if you don't  use them)

If looking for a complete change to your heating, then it is usually best to change to a single tariff, this   then gives you the opportunity to shop around for the best supplier, you can’t do this with THTC as Scottish power (SSE) have a monopoly on this system.

Our heaters are economic to run with quality controllable heat on both the cheap rate or standard tariff.

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This newspaper article in the West Highland Free Press of 23/10/15 says it all!  Click on article for full text.

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