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Alternative to Storage Heaters

German Electric Heaters Far Infrared Saunas Far Infrared Heaters

  Modern Electric Alternative to Storage Heaters

Storage heaters are inefficient, costly to run and produce mainly warm air coming out of the grill at the top.  This convection type  heating is uneconomical

Radiant heat is the key to efficient heating.  This is the type of heat you will feel from the sun or  from a wood burning stove or even an open fire If you think about it,  all the hot air goes up the chimney.

Efficient modern electric heating focuses on radiant heat production, in fact the more radiant heat produced the  less energy is required to heat a given room size

Check out our  flyer on this,  “Radiant heat or a lot of hot air” by clicking here.

So what can we offer you to solve your storage heater problems?

German Chamotte Clay Core Heaters

Popular across the UK for a few years now  these heaters produce  radiant heat with some convected heat and look like a traditional  heater. Incredibly efficient and controllable you  can get more info on our website which tells you everything you might want to know about this type of heating

Far Infrared Heaters

Probably the newest form of modern heating available today. You don't need  heaters taking up valuable floor space. These  can fitted to the ceiling  or the wall as a picture or mirror. Producing  Far Infrared heat ,this type of warmth is like the heat from the sun, perfectly harmless,  this type of radiant heat is also known for its health benefits. Tending to heat objects rather than the air this highly efficient and economic heating has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Our dedicated web site with much more information is here :-

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