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Negatives of Storage Heaters

Regrettably there are a lot of negatives about storage heaters and THTC, in our opinion much more than the positives.

The  three main problems with storage heaters is lack of control  power requirement and the type of heat produced, convected heat rather than radiant

Storage heaters do not respond to change in climatic conditions  very easily, if you get a mild day you could find that you have wasted lots of electricity and money powering up that heater, producing heat which was not needed, some people have even been known to open the windows to let the heat out. If you then turn your storage heater off overnight and it then turns cold, you have to wait 24 hours for it to build up a full charge again.

Many people have an empty house during the day. With the bulk of the heat being available in the morning this is wasted, when they arrive home at night they often might find the heat has all but dissipated and they have to rely on expensive alternative heat sources such as  fan heaters to get the room comfortable.

Although benefiting from cheap rate electricity,  storage heaters are very hungry for power with a typical heater in the  average living room using 3.4 Kilowatts!

Much convected heat is wasted as it rises to the ceiling. Radiant heat goes in a straight line giving a more even and economical temperature throughout the room

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